Johnny Aathin…

October 12, 2009

Johnny AathinHow does the Library build its collection? We have a book budget, but that is severely limited, so we’re also dependent on the kindness not of strangers, but of friends. The kindest ones ask first whether we want the books! If they have been mouldering in an attic or basement, they’re almost certainly not for us.

Scottish poets give us copies of their books sometimes, and we’re happy to take those: one such is William Hershaw’s new publication, Johnny Aathin, an elegiac portrait of a Fife mining community in Scots verse and prose. The proceeds from sales of the book, appropriately and generously, will be donated to Leukaemia Research – contact for further information.

The preface by Tom Hubbard picks out a quotation from John Dewey used by Hershaw in the book, as he considers the relationship of universal to particular in poetry: ‘The local is the only universal, upon that all art builds.’ It’s a good one to think about.

~ Robyn

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