Happenings 21: Seamus Heaney

October 16, 2009

SH's signature in our guest bookIn a week that has featured balmy autumnal weather; the launch of our Carry a Poem website (remember gang: poems are for every day, not just for funerals!)  and the invitation to tell us which poems you carry with you; not one but several notably super tea time treats, with particular reference to M&S deeply chocolatey mini rolls and Moomin biscuits from Finland; the launch of Lesley Harrison’s One Bird Flying (Mariscat) on Monday evening, and the resumption of the School of Poets writing workshoppers on Tuesday, it was a massive pleasure to have a visit from Nobel Laureate, and ‘one quarter of the SPL’s honorary presidency’, Seamus Heaney on Wednesday. He popped by en route from Newcastle back to Dublin, to join us for a wheen of canapés and a toast to the friends and supporters of the SPL these past 25 years. It was a magnificent evening, and he, a magnificent, charming man.

One Response to “Happenings 21: Seamus Heaney”

  1. […] with Seamus Heaney in the Canongate kirkyard on a mild October afternoon, his first sight of the Fergusson grave, and […]

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