Lunch time quiz!

October 21, 2009

Scottish Round

1) Which major transport accident of 1879 is commemorated in a poem, and by whom? 

2,3,4) Three poets called Robert:  2) which Robert is buried in Canongate Kirkyard? 3) his gravestone was paid for by which other Robert?  4) And which 20th century Robert wrote several poems about the first Robert?   

5) When the king sat in Dumfermline toun, calling for a ‘skeely skipper’, which famous sailor did he summon, and where did he send him?

6) What can ye no fling oot a twenty-storey flat, and who says?

7) ‘Let them bestow on every airth a limb /
The open all  my veins that I may swim /
To thee my Maker in that crimson lake /
Then place my par-boiled head upon a stake …’

who wrote these words the night before he was hung, drawn, and quartered?

4 Responses to “Lunch time quiz!”

  1. sunnydunny Says:

    1. Tay Bridge disaster, William Topaz McGonagall
    2. Robert Fergusson
    3. Robert Burns
    4. Robert Garioch
    5. Sir Patrick Spens, Noroway
    6. Pieces, specifically jeely pieces, Adam MacNaughtan
    7. James Graham, Marquis of Montrose

  2. sunnydunny Says:

    Ye’re on. Incidentally, could you retune my entry in the Blogroll to my new blog at – the old one’s inactive. Many thanks.

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