Come in, Podcast Number 5…

October 26, 2009

Podcast number 5, ‘Reel Iraq at the Golden Hour‘, is here! In it, Ryan grabs a break between acts at the Golden Hour to have a chat with Iraqi poet, novelist and film-maker Sinan Antoon. They talk about Iraq, about being an Iraqi poet, about living in America, about the poems Sinan carries with him and the pulling power of poetry / writing poetry to impress girls (after the intentions of Charles Simic et al). There’s also a great track from hip hop duo Mammoth…

Thanks to Colin Fraser of Anon Poetry Magazine for production, and to Ewen Maclean of the Hale Clamjamphrey for the incidental music.

And consider yerselves telt: our podcasts are about to become more regular. This Friday brings a Hallowe’en special, so get subscribing!

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