Alison Croggon & Emily Ballou

October 28, 2009

Reasons to be here tonight at 7.30pm:

“Alison Croggon’s poetry is distinguished by passion, intelligence and an intense moral honesty that does not consist of statements about things, or a drawing up of attitudes to this or that, but of a commitment to understanding the ways poetry – the language of poetry – enables us to understand. We have, as she says, “perfected the technologies of harm” and will most likely carry on doing so. But the same prose poem, History goes on: “In unguarded moments I found myself longing for the dazzling conceits of civilisation to be actual, for the profound and bloody pleasures which underlay them.” The marvellous sequence that ends the book, Translations from Nowhere itself ends with “an eyelid / snapping open, dazzled, full”. That fullness and that dazzling characterise all work.” – George Szirtes


Emily Ballou’s ‘The Darwin Poems’

“Lean and warm and funny and beautifully written…A mad, compressed biography, in a luminous, fertile poetry, of a once-in-centuries genius.” – Luke Davies

“Vivid, musical, sensuous and strong”- Adam Thorpe

“These rich, wry poems bring us extraordinarily close to Darwin’s life and mind.” – Dame Gillian Beer, Author of Darwin’s Plots

Alison Croggon:
Emily Ballou:

Australian Poetry CentreAustralian Government/Australian Council for the Arts

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