Dress as a poet for Hallowe’en…

October 30, 2009

poet costumesWhy not dress as a poet for Hallowe’en? Maybe you already are a poet. You could just go as yourself. But for those who aren’t, poets.org has come up with this fabulous tip sheet, especially for scary season. For Emily Dickinson, for instance, they advise that you will require:

An old-school nightgown or simple white cotton dress
A ribbon
Hair pulled back in a modest bun
A fascicle (a small bundle of folded poems)

They would award extra credit for handing out plastic flies while reciting ‘I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –’

What poet would you come as, and how?

One Response to “Dress as a poet for Hallowe’en…”

  1. sunnydunny Says:

    Homer. I could rustle up a plain white sheet and a rope belt. I’d bring Tony Blair with me as my liar (spelling not my strong point).

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