When poetry becomes conversation…

November 18, 2009

Photo by kind permission of Alastair Cook

On the homepage of our current podcast, we were thrilled to be able to use a photograph by the wonderfully multi-talented Alastair Cook, documenting a piece of found poetry for the Global Poetry System project. It features a marker pen scrawl, bearing the wisdom ‘Nobody Knows Anybody …Not That Well’ against a blue wall. It was additionally fab to find that someone has responded to the grafitto, and that Alastair has documented that too: the respondent replies ‘Aye they do’.

It’s lovely when poetry becomes a conversation. Just yesterday our Ryan and I converged at the Bonnington Care Centre near Newhaven to read poetry and chat with the elderly residents there. It was a treat to escape the desk and take poetry out into the town, and to receive such a lovely response too: we heard their memories of real lamplighters, as featured in Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, and some hadn’t heard Burns or Belloc or ‘The Sair Finger’ read aloud since they were at school many years ago, and joined in with a gusto I hope I’ll have at 97!

One Response to “When poetry becomes conversation…”

  1. […] enjoyed reading to the elderly residents of the Bonnington Care Centre on Tuesday and look forward to more such […]

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