Let’s get chemical…

November 26, 2009

Latest podcast is out! Bumper-er than usual, it features Ryan chewing the fat with actors and orators Gilchrist Muir and Jamie Gordon, and an eloquent, pensive and thoroughly fab discussion with one part of the Chemical Poets, Alasdair Maloney. Is Bob Dylan a poet? When does hip hop become poetry, and poetry hip hop? Hurrah for birdsong and down with buses… This, and more!

Best of all, it’s free and easy to subscribe, and would do wonders for our stat-tracking: do one good thing today…

Happy thanksgiving to one and all!

John Glenday’s Grain

November 26, 2009

The ineffable Joyce Caplan with the delightful Gail Wylie and a sign reading: GRAIN - SOLD OUT!

Last night, tag-teamed with the Poetry Association of Scotland, we played venue for the launch of John Glenday’s Grain (Picador). ‘Fourteen years in utero‘, teased chairman of both the PAS and the SPL Joyce Caplan in her welcome, it seems like it was well worth the wait, as all the books sold out.

An introduction from Andrew Greig and one of John’s poems set to music and sung by Kim Edgar bookended a fine reading. Foodies down the close  supplied the wine. The place was packed. Hurray for our poet of the month and long-serving board member, John!