Rab’s RSVP

December 2, 2009

It’s that time of year when we send out invitations to our wee Christmas soirée. Today, our poet of the month for December, Rab Wilson conveyed his apologies in grand poetical style. We enjoyed it so much that we felt we should share. Rab was more than happy to oblige.

Alas! alack! ah’m writin back,
Tae say ah’d luve tae hear yer craic,
But sadly, ah am in demand,
An ither forays hae bin planned,
That nicht ah’ll be doun in Dumfries –
Whaur cultural ploys they nevir cease!
Twa ither chiels that nicht wull profit
(nemmly Riach an Sandy Moffat!)
Frae Rab’s artistic patronage
(Ma Scottish twang is aa the rage!)
An ah’ll be steept in arty maitters,
Bi makars spoutin clishmaclavers!
But thenk ye fir yer kind invite,
Neist year ah’ll try an pit things right.
Fir nou, ah raise ma virtual glass,
Tae Diamond Lil an aa the staff!

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