Happenings 25 (late!)

December 14, 2009

Our Christmas party happened, hence the tardiness of our happenings! It obliterated Friday afternoon in a whirl of the holly and the ivy, stollen, making signs for the dance floor and the bar and arguing with Julie re smooth jazz vs cheesy tracks – we were both rewarded, with an even mix of Roy Orbison, ABBA, Miles Davis and what sounded like a Scouse Beatles tribute band singing the Twelve Days of Christmas.

On which note, turn your ear towards Frank Kelly’s take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, a regular feature on Irish radio in the run up to Christmas…

…or there’s always our lastest podcast, featuring Kapka Kassabova.

Our Lilias and Ryan had a rewarding trip to Portree in Skye via Inverness, to meet with our colleagues in poetry up there. She promises, under naggage, to blog about it later this week, so watch this space.

We’ve been pleased to receive some lovely Christmas cards, and a massive boax o chocs from an enquirer pleased with Lizzie’s detective skills.

An odd thing happened on Friday: a gang of four flew in on some kind of treasure trail. They had to swap a loaf of freshly baked bread for an item from the library – we obliged with a Burns Banner poster. We are none the wiser, but the bread was delicious.

We’re thinking a lot about sonnets…

…and putting the next edition of the Poetry Reader to print.

And a nice story to end: we had an enquiry regarding a poem heard on TV. The enquirer wasn’t sure what programme or channel, only that the director Hope Dickson Leach was somehow involved in the making of the programme and that the poem was about being deaf. Google hadn’t helped and he wasn’t sure how else to proceed. We love a poetical challenge, and it so happens that Twitter played a large part: we found Hope Dickson Leach on there, and she passed our enquiry onto the director was also turned out to be the poet, who supplied us with the poem and a link to the 3 minute wonder in which it appeared! Our enquirer was best pleased.

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