Poems Aloud Christmas style!

December 16, 2009

Traditionally speaking, we have come to expect a merry band of 5 or 6 people to our Poems Aloud sessions. Traditionally speaking, I rope dulcet Dave and Ryan into reading, and by and by, a few folk will be cajoled into browsing and sharing. They’re always very lovely events, a chance to just enjoy poems aloud in the company of other listeners.

And so 3pm yesterday came, and with it our Christmas Poems Aloud. We put on the fairy lights and boiled the kettle, hustled a few chairs into a semi-circle and awaited the plucky few to join us. Only yesterday, 25 people showed up! The semi-circle became a throng: Dave kicked off, Ryan read one, and thereafter there was no stopping the flow of Christmas poems, cheery and otherwise. The tea had to wait till the end, till the mob dissipated and the tea ladies could make their way through the thirsty. We have no idea why this session captured the imaginations of the many: was it because of Christmas? Because of poetry? Or because, as Ryan claims, they were lured here on false promise of mulled wine…

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