Week long eventing

February 18, 2010

Well, we have been mighty busy, what with grand scale projections, Carry a Poem poetry events of all different shapes and sizes, eating cake crafted by our dear friend Aiko and assisting in the organisation of the Poets for Haiti event, coming to a stage near you on Sunday 28 February. We’ve also been visited by Hunt the Poem hunters, keen to track down the elusive poem fragments scattered round the city, as well as another oft-sighted species, those Carry a Poem book hunters, hoping to bag those last elusive books!

To work backwards through some of the Carry a Poem events you may have missed, we look to last night’s Golden Hour at the Forest Cafe. Hosted by our Ryan, the evening featured the usual lip-smacking smattering of poetry, prose, music and cartoons. We stuck a brass neck over the door mat to find the place absolutely mobbed. Lovely crowd for lovely poetry. We slunk off into the night pleased while the party bounced on.

On Tuesday night we invaded the upstairs of the Waverley Pub for our second Poetry Pub Quiz! Always an eye-opener to invite random punters to participate, only to see their faces sag in panic when we drop the poetry bomb. As it happens, our man Dave does a very fine quiz – an even mix of known knowns, unknown knowns and known unknowns, to cite Mr Rumsfeld, with a picture round and some audio to stroke your chin by. More teams than last time, with the competitive edge that comes of scores added up wrong, we had a tie at the top, and must throw metaphorical bouquets at ‘The Jewels’ and ‘MILC’.

On Monday, Poems Aloud saw 20 odd folk, conversing and drinking tea to the sound of poems read aloud. We found out which poems they carried. We distributed Carry a Poem books and custard creams with passionate abandon.

Thursday and Friday welcomed the arrival of his excellency Mr John Hegley, who wowed the pupils and their parents of our ‘Poetry School’ Holyrood High School on Thursday, and repeated the exercise, accompanied by guitarist Martin Rensner, for us on Friday. We hoped for A – Zs on animals (guillemot rap, amoebas), potatoes, spectacles and poems that scanned scanned alongside the Can-Can. We got them, and Tunnock’s tea cakes besides.

If you feel you’re missing out, then find out what else is going on and join us next time. If you’re over an ocean or living on an island with a difficult commute, you can feel the vibe by following our shenanigans over at our Carry a Poem website, and, why, here of course!

Photos by Chris Scott, apart from the one of Aiko’s awesome (and delicious) Christina Rossetti-inspired red velvet cake.

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  2. […] you’ll know this month has been packed with exquisite poetic activity, including a poetry pub quiz, Mr John Hegley, poems projected, and poems explored, poems in gardens and crafty poems, Poetry […]

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