There hasn’t been a Happenings post for a while, which seems unbelievable, given the number of excitements that have occurred! Most notably, our noble Dave, front desk poetry jockey, has moved on. We rarely need an excuse for cake consumption, so Dave’s departure was no different. Here’s to the next adventures of Dave!

We’ve been eventing in all kinds of ways, most recently just last night with a Nothing But the Poem session here with Ryan, Stewart Conn’s launch and the week before with Dark Matter: Poems about Space.

Next up in the events realm is Tom Pow’s Dying Villages residency from Thursday – Saturday next week, when he’ll settle in and unpack his suitcase of poems, stories, images and sounds gathered while exploring the dying villages of Europe, from Spain to Russia. There’s also an exhibition, displaying a range of artefacts from the Dying Villages Museum. Installed just yesterday, and photographed above, it looks great.

Our Robyn is in the U.S. visiting our siblings in poetry Poets House in New York, Poetry Foundation in Chicago and the Poetry Society of America, among others.

We were pleased to hear this sound snap, recently acquired by the British Library, of Ted Hughes and Sylvia discussing poetry and their relationship.

Off for a few art and poetry fixes this weekend: Julie is exhibiting work over in Glasgow at the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair and I’m skipping down to Grasmere to the Dorothy Wordsworth Festival of Women’s Poetry!

Julie joined Twitter! You can now follow her on @poetrylibrarian!

We’re closed on Monday 19 for the April holiday, so see you tomorrow or Tuesday! Wishing you all a great weekend…