Blue sky thinking

April 30, 2010

I returned from the USA a week later than I expected. Chicago – home of the Poetry Foundation and the Art Institute – is no bad place to be stranded, and it has marvellous bookshops, too, but I was glad to be home and especially just in time to go to Edwin Morgan’s party. I see today that Gillian Clarke, the National Poet of Wales,  has made a poetic virtue of necessity, and it’s a point of view with which I sympathise. It’s going to be trains for me for a while!

Blue Sky Thinking

Let’s do this again, ground the planes for a while
and leave the runways to the racing hare,
the evening sky to Venus and a moon
so new it’s hardly there.
Miss the deal, the meeting, the wedding in Brazil.
leave the shadowless Atlantic to the whale,
its song the only sound sounding the deep
except the ocean swaying on its stem.
Let swarms of jets at quiet airports sleep.
The sky’s not been this clean since I was born.
Nothing’s overhead but pure blue silence
and skylarks spiralling into infinite space,
a pair of red kites flaunting in the air.
No mark, no plane-trail, jet-growl anywhere.

Reproduced with permission of Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, April 2010

For more information about the National Poet of Wales visit:

~ Robyn

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