Tripping the (moon)light fantastic…

May 18, 2010

On Friday evening we jumped on the Museums at Night bandwagon – a Culture 24 initiative – and kept the library open a little bit late. We decorated the place with fairy lights and candles, put up poem posters, welcomed some musicians along and did guided tours of the library, including our art work (such as our commissioned stripes and mezzanine glasswork). Afterwards, we read some poems, of course.

It was lovely to welcome new faces to the library – night owls, perhaps – as well as regulars who wanted to roam the stacks in a different light. The tours, in which the ghost we’d hoped to incorporate  never materialised (although our lift does have a mind of its own and is often to be heard groaning when staff are stationary and accounted for) were nonetheless well received, and the melodies of Chandra, Jed Milroy and Freight Train provided the perfect accompaniment to the floodlit books.  So while we didn’t skip the light fandango, the crowd did call out for more evening events a bit like this. So watch this space.

Hurrah for Chris Scott’s pictures of the evening.

4 Responses to “Tripping the (moon)light fantastic…”

  1. LHunter Says:

    I was there and it was a lovely event, a gentle Friday evening round-off to a stressful week. Many thanks.

  2. […] have been numerous blog posts shared about Museums at Night events: the Scottish Poetry Library tripped the moonlight fantastic, Caroline went to the Government Art Collection’s event, “BangsandaBun” explored […]

  3. […] have plenty of offbeat events here at the SPL: in May we took part inCulture 24′s Museums at Night weekend, with poetry, music and tours by fairy light, and the award-winning venue of the Scottish Poetry […]

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