It’s been a busy week down Crichton’s Close in which we’ve grappled with the inclement weather (we might have to agree with Alastair Reid in his poem ‘Scotland’: it does seem like we’ve been paying for the recent glimmers of sun!). We are alert to the subsequent difficulties this makes in garment choice. How to dress for wind and rain in June!

We’ve also been getting Amb:IT:ious; as a partner organisation in the Get Amb:IT:ion Fund, which helps organisations achieve their 21st century sustainability ambitions through implementing integrated IT and digital developments, Julie and I have been attending road shows and webinars aplenty. The latest was in Edinburgh, and we greatly enjoyed the keynote address from Bill Thompson and the case studies from Katy Beale and Martin Reynolds and Faith Liddell from Festivals Edinburgh.

Lilias and I went for a delightful visit to the Tower Care Home where we read poems to Babs, Susan, Margaret, Ann, Mary and Annie. We were put to shame by their capacity to remember poems, such as Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’, learnt at school. We also got to indulge in a bit of singing, by belting out ‘Daisy, Daisy’ and ‘A Red, Red Rose’ (we had a flower theme!). Thankfully the ladies of the Tower Care Home are keen singers and were in fine voice on Tuesday morn.

Lisa, one of our two lovely front desk interns, has been filing poetry press cuttings amassed by our Alexei.

Lizzie had a lovely enquiry this week – an old lady had faint memories of a poem read to her at school in the 1920s, about being old – she could just remember:

‘Threescore and ten are the years o’ men,
And I’m bye the bit by a lang, lang year.
Sae I’ll seek my rest in the land loe’d best …’

Happily, it rang very faint bells with Lizzie too and turned out to be by John Buchan, written 1917! So Lizzie was able to send verified text to her grand-daughter just in time for the lady of the moment’s 100th birthday!

We enjoyed yet another excellent column from Kona Macphee, this time 10 rules for writers…

Robyn went to the Edinburgh College of Art degree show last night and was delighted to report that many students had heard of us and talked fondly of having visited themselves.

Tomorrow we’re looking forward to the 5th birthday party of HappenStance Press and next week we’ll be readying our Poetry Reader Issue 7 for print, discussing events and more. Till then, fellow travellers!