Happenings 37 & happenings to come…

August 6, 2010

This week we:

…bade farewell and best luck to our two smashing front desk interns, Lisa and Laura, with a stellar raspberry and white chocolate cake

…noted the swell in folk in our part of town, accruing to partake of the festivals. Happy Festival Friday!

…stroked our chins and perused some programmes to bring you a selection of what’s hot poetry-wise this festival season

…were pleased to announce two upcoming collaborations: one with Genomics Network on a new poetry competition and the other with the Filmhouse on a season of films about poetry (full details forthcoming!)

…wished our neighbouring lunch purveyors – Foodies @ Holyrood – a souptastic first birthday!

…slavered over this lovely piece on Michael Donaghy on Poetry Foundation’s website

…got a bit covetous about Southbank Centre’s Litweeter Festival glorious Tweetwriter.

…did a clear out, unearthing, amongst other things, all manner of elderly library stamps.

…basked in the surprise of chancing daily upon Norman McBeath’s glorious photographs coupled with Paul Muldoon’s arresting poetry, part of our Plan B exhibition. Drop in, for free, to see!

…didn’t bask in the bizarrely unseasonal weather.

Next week we:

…are partying with the librarians and information workers of Edinburgh at ELISA’s festival party!

…continue to be very excited about the imminent start of the Edinburgh International Book Festival – from which this very blog will be coming! Why not read theirs in anticipation?

…take delivery of a very special acquisition… Come back next week and all will be revealed!

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