Edwin Morgan 1920 – 2010

August 19, 2010

We are all immensely saddened by the news of Edwin Morgan’s death this morning. Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate, paid tribute:

“A great, generous, gentle genius has gone. He was poetry’s true son and blessed by her. He is quite simply irreplaceable. I’m certain that everyone who performs or attends at the Edinburgh International Book Festival will be thinking of him with love and gratitude.”

12 Responses to “Edwin Morgan 1920 – 2010”

  1. Penelope Shuttle Says:

    So sad he’s gone but he’s blessed us and the world with his poetry.

  2. Russell Gray Says:

    Hard news to take in. RIP big fella – you left the world a better and more interesting place than you found it.

  3. Colin Will Says:

    This is very sad news, but also an occasion to be grateful for his life and his poetry, which gave so much to many.

  4. Michael Munro Says:

    Not just a great poet but a great teacher too. I will never forget his lectures at Glasgow University in the 1970s.

  5. Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen Says:

    Dear Edwin, great poet,

    You reminded us that all is present, that things past are not yet passed, and that what is to come is not all fate but for us to make: with poetry, with poetry!

    I salute your ubiquity, in tiefer Freundschaft,

    Baron Munchausen

  6. Gordon Mason Says:

    Edwin Morgan
    Rest In Poetry

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  8. gerald Says:

    A tall figure who engulfed us all.

  9. some measure
    their lives by days
    and years,
    some by coffee spoons
    and others by poetry

    may your god bless you sir

  10. Kirsty F Says:

    So saddened by the news. His poetry will live on forever. Here’s to a new generation of young people discovering and loving his poetry more than the last.

    RIP xx

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  12. Anne P Says:

    ‘Where ever you are you shall be my star’

    A great loss to poetry but your gift will last for ever.

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