Seamus Heaney pays tribute to Edwin Morgan

August 19, 2010

“For all that we knew Eddie had been nearing the end, it’s still a shock and sadness to hear that he has died.  His courage as a man and his constancy as a poet only seemed to increase with age.  I think the whole poetry community took a kind of pride in his ongoing fecundity, and it was good that he lived to know the honour and regard he was held in by his city and his country.  A solitary spirit who breathed solidarity, an experimentalist who did not disdain ‘accessibility’, his subject was the big one Patrick Kavanagh identified as ‘the parish and the universe’.  What I liked greatly about him was the way he combined a low key personal presence with a high level of poetic endeavour.”

4 Responses to “Seamus Heaney pays tribute to Edwin Morgan”

  1. greenskeptic Says:

    Excellent tribute from one giant to another.

  2. gerald Says:

    very well said

  3. […] penned more than 60 poetry books and will be remembered worldwide as one of the most progressive poets of modern […]

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