Footnote! Bratislava…

September 29, 2010

From left to right: Richard, Nurduran, Tom, Giorgos

A footnote to the Bratislava workshop – or rather, some actual notes from the workshop, which concluded, at Tom Pow’s behest, with the making of a sound poem. This was a new medium for most of the poets, and two in particular took to it with glee. It fascinated the audience at the Bratislava bookshop where the reading was held – a new form to them, too. I said in my introduction that the national poet of Scotland, Edwin Morgan, had died last month, and that he was a great translator and experimenter with language – a maker of sound poems – so this was our tribute to him and to our stay in Bratislava. The sound poem made by Giorgos Hanztis, Tom Pow, Nurduran Duman and Richard Gwyn is called ‘Bratislava’, and if you listen carefully, you may hear the sound of the Danube, of leaves in the wind, of a girl on her mobile phone as she walks along, and the sound of the tram (conveyed by the repetition of one Slovakian taste treat, best when filled with plums)…

You can see a video performance of the sound poem by clicking on this link and logging into Facebook!

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