‘Norman MacCaig’s Assynt’: BBC Radio Scotland

October 27, 2010

Our friends down the close at BBC Radio Scotland thought you might like to know about an upcoming special programme to mark 100 years since the birth of Norman MacCaig.  It will focus specifically on his love of Assynt, and the way that this landscape influenced his poetry.  Here’s the blurb below, and here’s the BBC Radio Scotland website.

The poet, Norman MacCaig, was born 100 years ago this November.  Much of his poetry celebrates the landscape of Assynt in the North West Highlands.  In a special programme, Mark Stephen explores the mountains, lochs and beaches of Assynt through the poetry of MacCaig, and discovers why this ancient landscape is so special.  That’s ‘Norman MacCaig’s Assynt’ on Out of Doors on Saturday 6th November from 7am, and again on Sunday 7th at 11am on BBC Radio Scotland.

2 Responses to “‘Norman MacCaig’s Assynt’: BBC Radio Scotland”

  1. I’ve got a love/hate thing going on with his A Man In Assynt… there I am listening to my ipod, two minute song, three minute song, noise-noise-dance-down-the-street, then… fifteen minute version of Norman reading AMiA – yikes! Hate it when that happens. But then I listen and I’m carried away with all. Love it when that happens.

    And Assynt is gorgeous… for those who haven’t been, go!

  2. LaDawn Says:

    I discovered Assynt & then discovered it again even better thru McCraig’s poetry.

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