A very poetic thank you!

October 29, 2010

Via our ‘Lost for Words’ service, Lizzie recently received an enquiry: the enquirer’s husband had but a few half-remembered lines from ‘distant youth’; could Lizzie fathom the rest?  She sprang into action, the poem being ‘The Train to Glasgow’ by Wilma Horsbrugh, a longer poem published on its own as a children’s book, as well as being included in several anthologies.

We were delighted today when Lizzie received a thank you poem, written in the style of the rediscovered ‘The Train to Glasgow’, and doubly pleased to have Mr Miles’ permission to reprint it here.

This is a thank-you to Lizzie MacGregor,
That very kind lady who sent me the letter,
A poem from childhood a tale of a train
And the guard and some hens and that Donald MacBrain.

Now many years later recite I still can,
As far as young Donald’s hauled into the van,
But what happened next I just could not recall,
And no one I asked knew this poem at all.

Now things have moved on since those dim, distant days,
Our world of computers provides us with ways,
So, the whole of the poem’s come back in my life,
With thanks to you Lizzie and Jacquie my wife!

Penned by Peter Michael Miles – 29th October 2010

One Response to “A very poetic thank you!”

  1. Lyv Says:

    Well, what a poet he is!

    Thanks for the post.


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