A Christmas present suggestion…

December 14, 2010

A Christmas present suggestion, or maybe forward to a friend who likes to have new ideas and fresh resolutions lined up for January.  You heard it here first: in response to feedback (I do read those forms, you see), we’re planning an extended ‘Getting Into Poetry’ introductory course. Same approach as the 2-session version – we just want people to feel fired up and confident about reading poetry for pleasure – but taking more time about it so we can look at more poems, etc. We’ll have a whole new extra session on some of the poetry that crosses into visual art, courtesy of our Librarian, Julie, using some toothsome examples from the SPL’s special collections. Give me a shout if you want to know a bit more – or feel free to forward to a friend who might be interested and ask them to contact me, lfraser@spl.org.uk to book or investigate.

Getting Into Poetry – the new, 4-session version, starting 22 January

4 weekly Saturday morning  1.5 hour sessions

£65 full price /£50 conc & SPL Friends

Friendly and encouraging ‘absolute beginners’ course on reading poetry for pleasure * Explore rhyme and form * go beyond the printed page * discover new poetry with expert advice * develop your reading strengths * pick up a ‘toolkit’ of technical terms * get a personal plan of what to read next *

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