2010: Good eggs

December 21, 2010

This post is gleefully dedicated to the good eggs we’ve known and loved, in beaten, whipped and cake-ified form, in 2010.

Our Peggy brought cake back from the Scottish Book Trust coffee morning for all, and it was loved.


#edteaup brought cake, tea, people and poems together for a lovely Sunday afternoon at the library.

We may not have sampled this marvel, but we can admire its beauty from a virtual distance.

However, top marks must go to our National Poetry Day tea party on Thursday 7th October. Cake-makers across the land truly outdid themselves. Some examples from the groaning tables of the day:

Lemon and orange cake by @NemesisRepublic

Cupcakes by @aikowrites

And lastly, but by no means least, some honourable mentions from teapot gatherings throughout the year:

Victoria sponge:

Raspberry cake:

Finally, they’re not strictly cakes, but Jane made them, they made our morning better, and you may need it after the sugar content of the cakes above: a recipe for savoury muffin/scones made with red onion, cheddar and chives. We’d show you pictures, but only crumbs remain.

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to you and yours, wherever you are (or aren’t) – we’ll be back in 2011 with fresh fruit, determination, and not a single look at the biscuit tin, we promise.

Winning Words

December 21, 2010

Remember our Carry a Poem campaign way back in February 2010? We asked you to tell us which poems you kept close, and why? Well if you liked that, you might like Winning Words too…

Winning Words is an opportunity for the public to be part of the lasting legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Winning Words is asking people to nominate inspiring poetry which will encourage athletes taking part in the 2012 Games, as well as future generations of Londoners. Until Thursday 6 January 2011, people can nominate inspiring poetry representing the values of the Olympic Games: respect, fair play, excellence, friendship and of the Paralympic Games: courage, determination, inspiration and equality, via the Winning Words website: www.winningwordspoetry.com

The poetry, selected from the nominations, will be announced in February 2011. The lines will be installed on a prominent wall in the centre of the Athletes’ Village, which will be seen daily by the athletes, and officials living and working in the Village. After the 2012 Games, the Village will be converted into new homes for east London and the wall will be part of the lasting legacy for local communities and residents. All nominations will be evaluated by a panel that includes Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, author Sebastian Faulks, poet Daljit Nagra, BBC Sportspresenters John Inverdale and Clare Balding and Head of Arts and Cultural Strategy at the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sarah Weir.The panel will have the final decision on which poetry is chosen for the Athletes’ Village wall. Poetry will also be installed in other locations within the Olympic Park, with further details announced in 2011.

Inspiring poetry nominations can be submitted until midnight on Thursday 6 January 2011. To nominate poetry and for further information please go to: www.winningwordspoetry.com

What will you choose?