January 21, 2011

A Man's a Man, taken by Chris Scott during Carry a Poem 2010

We’re Getting Lyrical for Robert Burns on Tuesday with a flash mob! Please spread the word. We want a nice big crowd in fine voice…

What: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob | we’ll be congregating to sing a song by Burns. We’ll find out, via Facebook, Twitter, this blog etc, which song is favourite and send a link to the lyrics and music of the chosen song the day before. Having said that, depending on how much fun we have, we may not stop at just the one…

When: Tuesday 25 January, 1pm

Where: outside St Giles Cathedral (http://tinyurl.com/6a27xcb) (As the learned Anna from UNESCO Edinburgh City of Literature pointed out, it is very close to http://www.edinburgh-royalmile.com/closes/anchor-close.html where the ‘Anchor Tavern Howff of the Crochallan Fencibles’ would meet, including one Mr Robert Burns, as well as being close to the Writers’ Museum, which houses, among other treasures, Burns’ writing desk.

Be there! And please tell your friends!

4 Responses to “FLASH MOB FOR BURNS”

  1. Iain Says:

    I vote for A Man’s a Man!

  2. Andrew Philip Says:

    I’d second that.

  3. Catriona Says:

    Oh yes I third that! A man’s a man..my outright fav..esp considering the political climate powerful words! :o)

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