Amorous Greetings by Gael Turnbull: a special event and exhibition

February 15, 2011


Launched last night at the Scottish Poetry Library, Amorous Greetings (Mariscat Press, 2010, £5) presents a selection of the amorous greetings sent by the poet Gael Turnbull to his wife Jill on her birthday, their wedding anniversary and on St. Valentine’s Day throughout their marriage. These were given in a variety of home-made formats and ‘in terms of’ all sorts of things, such as a gardening catalogue, a supermarket advertisement and even the Oxford English Dictionary.

Hamish Whyte and Jill Turnbull read from the new selection launched, appropriately, on St. Valentine’s Day. Also reading poems inspired by Gael Turnbull at last night’s event were Christine De Luca, Jim C Wilson, Diana Hendry and Stewart Conn, who presented his in the form of a paper aeroplane.

In her introduction to the book, Jill says:

It will not be difficult to understand that these little poems, in hand-made cards, left propped up on the kitchen table for me to find in the morning, are very precious to me. So it is a poignant delight to see them in print. Thank you, Mariscat.

The Scottish Poetry is privileged to be exhibiting these original greetings (above) for a short time only – until the end of the month – and to be able to offer the pamphlet for sale. To reserve or buy a copy, please email, call 0131 557 2876 or drop by.


from Amorous Greetings:

In terms of a supermarket advertisement


When every day

is another


special offer.


by Gael Turnbull

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