A delightful gift!

March 2, 2011

Someone snuck into the library this morning and left us the most beautiful gift: a tree made out of an old book, dedicated to our Twitter name, @ByLeavesWeLive. The wee note says:

‘It started with your name @ByLeavesWeLive and became a tree… We know that a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words… This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas…’

We are lost for words to describe the intricacy and care that has gone into it, so some photos. We are lost for words to thank you for giving us such a beautiful thing.

8 Responses to “A delightful gift!”

  1. Iain Says:

    That looks amazing! You’re obviously very loved. 🙂

  2. Laura Grace Says:

    That’s utterly wonderful!

  3. Barbara Says:

    In John Keats’ words – A thing of beauty of beauty is a joy forever

  4. ahteem Says:

    A tree made from a book – kind of random but definitely lovely.

  5. […] a apărut în martie la Scottish Poetry Library. Era un “poetree” lăsat pe o masă din […]

  6. miztres Says:

    I just heard about this spate a of wonderful gift giving. Thanks for sharing and obviously being a great inspiration.

  7. […] The expression of papery love started March 2011 which the mysterious arrival of tree which was quickly dubbed the “Poetree” by staff of the Scottish Poetry Library. […]

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