Best Scottish Poems 2010

March 31, 2011

Stormy Day 1 by Catriona Taylor, BSP 2010 cover image

Stormy Day 1 by Catriona Taylor, Best Scottish Poems 2010 cover image

Best Scottish Poems 2010 is finally here!

This is our annual selection of twenty poems published in the previous year.

Actually, when I say ‘our’, I mean that the librarians at the SPL provide a trolley-load of books, pamphlets and magazines to the hapless editor, and he or she sinks or swims. Or, sinks and then swims. Watery imagery comes to mind this year, as the editor is Jen Hadfield who lives on Shetland: she made her choice with exemplary promptness, and a fascinating choice it is.

In her introduction, Jen gives a very vivid account of the process of reading and sifting as the seasons changed:  ‘above all I looked for poems which had that quality of having originated beyond the poet. There’s something necessarily creepy about a compelling, disembodied voice, especially when it brings tidings from such peculiar places. For this reason, I hope the selection sometimes gives you a bit of a shiver.’

Read on and find out!

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