Postcards to Japan

April 20, 2011

Express your support to the people of north east Japan by sending original A5 art work postcards.

After the major earthquake and tsunami in north east Japan on 11th March 2011 power supplies, land lines, mobile phone networks and internet access went down, making it extremely hard to contact family and friends to find out if they were safe. The post office were quickly up and running again and in many cases the first news that loved ones were safe was by postcard.

Inspired by the wonderful impact postcards can have, Kate Thomson & Hironori Katagiri would like to invite artists and poets to send tangible messages of support to communities affected by the devastation by making A5 size original artwork or poetry postcards and posting them to:

Ukishima Net,
Iwate, Iwate,  Iwate,

They will collate all the postcards received into an exhibition to tour venues in north east Japan. There is no deadline, but if they have as many cards as possible by the end of May they can start putting on exhibitions.
They also hope to publish a catalogue of the postcards received.
Any profit made from the sale of catalogues would be donated to recovery projects in north east Japan.

Please look out for updates on   If you have any questions please e-mail