Wordbespoke with Deirdre Nelson

May 25, 2011

Deirdre Nelson’s Wigtown words brought much joy to SPL HQ, following the Wigtown Book Festival (including in decorating our Christmas tree!) So we’re delighted to hear that the project is expanding and bringing joy to  Ganet’s
Adventure School in Malawi! Read on for more…

Do you have a favourite word? Fascinated by this thought, artist Deirdre Nelson has created a collection of people’s favourite words, and turned them into artworks. They go on sale on 28 May in a charity eBay auction in aid of Ganet’s
Adventure School, Malawi.

Over 700 favourite words were chosen by writers and festival-goers at Wigtown Book Festival 2010, when Deirdre was artist in residence, and also from the pupils of Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi.
From this selection, she has curated a small collection of around 30 words and hand embroidered them in silk onto ribbons. The ribbons can be applied to objects or clothing, or displayed in their glass containers. The artworks will be on display from 28-30 May at The Bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland, as part of the
Spring Fling arts festival.

Ebay auction

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