Happenings #38

May 27, 2011

New acquisitions in our window.

New acquisitions in our window.

This week we:

… said farewell to fabulous Strathclyde University student, Flora, who has been with us on a placement for three weeks.

… let out a delighted cheer at the launch of National Libraries day! How will you celebrate yours?

… listened while Syrian poet Golan Haji joins our Ryan in Residence in Beirut as part of the cultural collaboration festival of poetry, film and music: Reel Festivals. They take some time out to chat about about poetry, translation, borders and politics.

… continued to keep in touch with our Poetry Issues, featuring book recommendations and the centenary of the birth of Czeslaw Milosz.

… enjoyed fascinating glimpses of the Literature Across Frontiers 10th Anniversary Conference: Literary Exchange and Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: challenges of the next decade through Nia Davies (niapolly) on twitter, while our director, Robyn, is in attendance in Istanbul.

… decided that this excellent new acquisition is not just for children: Poetry Basics: Concrete Poetry.

… continued our love affair with our new OPAC and the Poetry Beyond Text reading archive held therein.

… seriously debated combining all available personal funds for an immediate library field trip to Chicago for the Poetry Foundation’s incredible open house programme to celebrate the opening of their brand new building. If you, like us, don’t have quite a flight’s worth hiding down the back of the sofa, you can still experience at a distance by having a look around the Poetry Foundation’s lush new website. 

… were unsurprised though moderately displeased by the resurgence of Autumn … in May.

Next week we will:

… be removing the booksale from our retail area! Catch it quickly, prices starting at 50p…

… hanging out at the Edinburgh City of Literature Wash Bar salon. Will we see you there?

… looking forward to an event-full week to follow:  Poetry Beyond Text with Jim Carruth on Tuesday 7th June! Nothing but the Poems: Liz Lochhead edition on Thursday 9th! Book in on reception@spl.org.uk.

This week’s staff #fridayread comes from: Lizzie, who will be traveling, and reading her annual Anthony-Trollope-on-a-train. For 2011 it’s The Small House at Allington.