Books I love | Miriam Gamble

July 7, 2011

Our poet of the month is Somerset Maugham award-winner Miriam Gamble. Here are the books she loves, a regular question put to our poets of the month.

An Old Favourite

Everything by Elizabeth Bishop – prose included. I just go back to her again and again, and she bowls me over every time; every time, I feel like I haven’t read it before. She’s a brilliant poet of description (and of description reaching beyond itself), but also a doyenne of the conceit. Her work combines the skilled articulation of ideas with immense evocative power. I’m also in love with early Derek Mahon: Night-Crossing is one of my most prized possessions. And Nil Nil by Don Paterson. Donne and TS Eliot were the writers who made me want to write.

A New Favourite

Public Dream by Frances Leviston – she’s the best poet of her generation on these islands. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I also admire Meirion Jordan’s Moonrise. Further afield, Letters to the Tremulous Hand by Elizabeth Campbell stopped me in my tracks – she’s an Australian poet, based in Melbourne. Her poems are rebellious, and boundary-pushing, and intellectually exciting. They’re also crafted to perfection and very, very pure linguistically: she doesn’t have to dance around to get to the heart of the matter (which is no mean feat).

A Current Interest

Spanish language literature – in translation at the moment, though hopefully that will change! I’ve been enjoying a late honeymoon with the likes of Lorca, Neruda and García Márquez – all writers I ought to have read years ago. I’ve also come across some engaging contemporary voices – Héctor Carreto, for instance, and Louis Miguel Aguilar, both from Mexico.

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