We are delighted to offer a small quantity of A Choosing: Selected Poems by Liz Lochhead for sale.

This limited edition, produced for and previously exclusive to the Edinburgh International Book Festival, presents a ‘crafted, personal selection of poems published over the last four decades, along with new work,’ with a foreword by Carol Ann Duffy. The trade edition of A Choosing: Selected Poems is due to be published by Polygon in October 2011.

Polygon says of A Choosing: Selected Poems:

A stunning new collection of selected works from one of Scotland’s most loved writers. During her career Liz Lochhead has been described variously as a poet, feminist playwright, translator and broadcaster but has said that ‘when somebody asks me what I do I usually say writer. The most precious thing to me is to be a poet. If I were a playwright, I’d like to be a poet in the theatre.’ Liz Lochhead has a large and devoted audience and delights audiences where she goes. Liz Lochhead was appointed Scotland’s Poet Laureate (Makar) in January 2011.

To order, please get in touch with reception@spl.org.uk, call 0131 557 2876 or pop into the library. We accept cash and cheque.

Copies are priced at £9.99 and postage and packing for postal orders will be £1.50 per copy, with international shipping quoted on request.

Lend us your quotes…

September 2, 2011

Can you fill in the gap?

‘How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea,

Whose action is no stronger than a flower?’

I love these lines from Sonnet 65, but they’re too long for our purposes… we’re turning to you for help! We’re looking for vivid, short quotations – no longer than 12 words – that we can use for a variety of things: downloadable posters, a Scottish Poetry Library bag, a Scottish Poetry Library notebook… They should be about poetry, or lines from a poem. New York’s Poets House has already bagged ‘… dwell in Possibility-;’ Emily Dickinson, of course, provides great lines: ‘There is no frigate like a book…’, or ‘The Brain – is wider than the sky – ’ or ‘Dreams – are well – but Waking’s better’. It would be good to have a Scottish inflection: ‘the Scottish Poetry Library: whaur extremes meet’? We look forward to your suggestions, as brief and inspiring as you can make them.

Please send your ideas on a digital postcard to @ByLeavesWeLive on twitter or reception@spl.org.uk.